Word on the Street

Here is what some of our clients have to say

“Jodie has changed my life. No, seriously. I’ve always had a desire to take care of myself, be healthy. But going to a traditional gym was overwhelming. Paying a trainer at one of those places seemed like a joke. Then I found Jodie. She provides such a customized, personal approach to training that it’s hard not to enjoy it and see results almost immediately! Scheduling flexible. The workouts are FUN! And NEVER the same workout twice! Jodie focuses on what each person’s goals are for themselves – not some preconceived idea of what “healthy,” “fit” or “skinny” should mean. Working out with Jodie is about much more than a number on a scale. I can’t imagine working out with anyone else”
-Erika, Draper, Utah 

“After the past several months of working with Jodie one on one, so many aspects of my life have changed. The most noticeable is in the area of confidence. I used to hate looking in the mirror. Now, I’m surprised to find myself flexing in public! I’ve never been so motivated.
She is upbeat, creative, inspiring, fun to work with and a ball of positive energy. She finds new ways to workout so that it’s always different and challenging. She’s gone out of her way to create fitness and workout plans for times that I travel so that I can stay on track even when I’m gone. It shows that she really cares about my health and wants to keep me inspired whether I’m at home or away. If you want to change the way you look and feel, spend some time with a trainer like her in your corner. ”
-Kaitlyn, Cottonwood Heights